After a decade in the design world I am an experienced graphic and publication designer, working alongside local and national clients; and collaborating with corporate, arts, government and family owned companies.

My experience spans the large advertising agency to the boutique creative studio, as well as my own design business. I have a post-graduate degree in Design from UTS and a particular affinity for the arts.

From inner city Sydney to the red dust and wide open spaces of Kalgoorlie, I followed my heart to Western Australia and relocated in 2012 to the gorgeous Australian outback. A place that is 600km east of the most remote city in the world, Kalgoorlie is no metropolis. But with the wonders of the digital age facilitating a smaller world and an ever present passion for adventure and difference, design productivity and work practice had never been easier.

In 2015, back to my home town on the east coast, I am dedicated to producing work that will excite my Sydney community.

This site combines all my passions of design, the open road and adventure – one simply does not exist without the other.

If you’d like to contact, please feel free to email: mail@catherinebenton.com